Old Capital Bonus Segment: Command Authority with Lane Beene - “How do you select and evaluate a new property management company?”

Good apartment property management is critical for your success. In today’s discussion Lane speaks with Michael Walker with Walker Holder Residential Property Management. Michael has been in property management since 1981 and currently manages thousands of apartment units. Where do you start to find a property management company? How do you get a referral to the right group that is going to manage your asset? What are the hiring criteria you must look at? How much involvement should the owner have with the property management company on a daily, weekly, monthly basis? This is important in defining everyone’s roles. What monthly reporting is pushed over to the ownership group? What should you expect? This is a good high-level discussion. To contact Michael Walker: walkerholder.com To contact Lane Beene: Lane.Beene@pilot-legacy.com

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