How to Invest in Multi-Family Units w/JC Castillo

Most real estate agents come across deals they could invest in and miss out on the opportunity to create wealth. How are the investment opportunities different for single family and multi-family properties? How can you identify a good deal? How can you start building the property to get into multi-property investments? On this episode, we’re joined by multi-family property investor JC Castillo, who shares how agents can get started. 

Takeaways + Tactics

The three things you should look at for multi-family investments is location, financials, and value creation potential. 

Multi-family units are priced differently to single family homes which use comps. Multi-family units are priced based on profits and performance. 

Value plays are the X-factor in successful multi-family investment. These are improvements and changes you can make to the units to add value to them.  


Through multi-family property investments real estate agents can build wealth and set themselves up for a better future. If you can find a property in a good location, with good financials and the opportunity to add value to the units, you can do very well. What’s key is getting the education to help you get started, and if possible to partner with other people to make the whole process less overwhelming. 


Guest Bio 

JC Castillo is a real estate investor and Managing Principal at Multifamily Property Group. In 2006 he founded Multifamily Property Group (MPG), a private equity firm focused on acquiring, renovating and operating large scale value-add apartment properties. Based in the Silicon Valley, JC connects California capital with out-of-state investment opportunities that have made his clients millions in cash flow and many millions more in appreciation. His personal investment philosophy is simple - go long, not short with tax advantaged, cash flowing real estate in quality locations. For more information and for a free 15 minute call with JC, go to and use their contact page to get in touch. You can also check out the Apartment Investor Network on Facebook 

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