What Will Happen to Your Money in 2020? w/Chris Naugle

Don’t be fooled by mainstream news reports that claim the markets are doing well, we’re on the cusp of a global recession like we’ve never seen before. That being said, this doesn’t need to be an obstacle: if we learn to think like the wealthy, we can turn this into an opportunity.


Where should we be looking to invest our money right now, and what should we be avoiding? Is now the time to play it safe, or should we use this time to be creative?


There is so much we don’t know about how money works, so it’s up to us to stop relying on traditional sources of information and look for knowledge ourselves.


In this episode, investor and money mentor, Chris Naugle shares his predictions for our money in 2020, and how to take back control of our finances. 


A lot of people are scared to get into real estate, but it’s the best place to put your money right now. -Chris Naugle


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


  • Avoid the marketsIt’s not wise to invest in stocks right now. Instead, look for alternative places to put money. Real estate is always a good option; look into single family units and rentals. 
  • Consider the trendsBrick and mortar businesses have already become something of the past, so be mindful of this before investing in commercial property. However, there are opportunities for these spaces to be used in new ways, such as converting malls into housing. 
  • Take back controlEverything we’ve been taught about money revolves around giving up our control. We need to take back control and stop giving other people power over our finances. We can do this by paying ourselves first.


Guest Bio

Chris Naugle is America’s #1 Money Mentor. He is the co-founder and CEO of FlipOut Academy, founder of The Money School and Money Mentor for The Money Multiplier. Chris is an innovator and visionary in wealth-building and real estate, and hosts the Real Estate Money School Podcast. He is also the host of HGTV’s Risky Builders, and author of The Private Money Guide and Mapping Out the Millionaire Mystery. 


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Books mentioned on this episode:

Change the Way You See Everything: Through Asset-Based Thinking by Kathryn D. Cramer and Hank Wasiak https://www.amazon.com/Change-Way-You-See-Everything/dp/B000MKYKIG


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