How to Create an Audience of Positively Persuadables in Our Local Markets

One of the biggest barriers to our success in marketing is that we’re putting out a lot of content, but we’re not saying anything arresting, surprising or compelling. How should we approach marketing so that it doesn’t waste our time, energy and resources? Why is it so critical to think of marketing from the perspective of the audience? On this episode, Gene Volpe joins us to talk about the right way to go about marketing. 

It’s not just about mass broadcasting, it’s about being able to communicate effectively to the people who need to hear your message. -Greg McDaniel 

Takeaways + Tactics 

  • On social media, most of us don’t give anyone a clear and compelling reason to know or remember what we do. We think that because we’re visible we’re going to persuade people. 
  • Our time is much more valuably spent in conversation with the right people.  
  • When you’re not the person you’re marketing to, your view is tainted and unbiased. It’s important to think of your advertising from the perspective of the audience so you know the effect it will have.

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