Breaking Through to the Other Side of Multifamily Real Estate Investing

In this episode J&G break it down and hold nothing back. They share how they got out of there comfort zones to actually create a large scale real estate business and take control of their financial futures. More importantly they share the "time benefit" of this and what its done for their families and overall quality of life. They are not simply talking margarita's on the beach here. At some point you must put down the text book (Wheelbarrow Profits) and jump in with both feet. Education X Action = Results In this episode you will discover- • Financial ceilings • The benefits of a new city • Accountability • The difference between leaders and managers • Time freedom • A "cadence of accountability" • How to see things as they are vs. seeing them as we are • How to see problems as opportunities • Why you should attack fears • And a ton more and why Jake needs to cut back on his caffeine before the show

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