Strategic Relationships Are The Key To Success. Here's How to Build Them w/Beau Beery

With the market on fire over the last few years, real estate professionals have been in an extremely lucky position. However, at some point, there will be a correction, and when that day comes, agents will need to rely on the relationships they've built to move forward.


The question is, do we have the kind of relationships that could bring us business in any market? If not, how can we get to building them, stat? 


In this episode, author, content creator and multifamily investment advisor, Beau Beery shares his tips on how to build (and maintain!) strategic relationships.

If you reconnect with the people most likely to do business with you on a consistent basis, you will be the only agent they think of when they're ready to make a move. -Beau Beery


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to build a reputation that precedes us What can we do to cultivate a personal brand so strong that people know who we are and what we do without needing to tell them? 


  • The key to building strategic relationships How can we prioritize building relationships with those most likely to work with us? 


  • 1 effective way to maintain relationships over time How can we avoid the all-too-easy trap of forgetting to stay in contact with our strategic partners?


Guest Bio


Beau Beery is the owner/broker and multifamily investment advisor at Beau Beery Multifamily Advisors. A legend in the industry, Beau has an extensive track record in the multifamily investment space; experience he puts to good work through his passion of sharing knowledge. Beau is the author of Multifamily Investors Who Dominate, as well as the content creator behind the 'Beau Knows Multifamily' YouTube channel. Beau also shares endless pieces of advice and pearls of wisdom through his website,


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