Ep. 130: Deals on Wheels with Andrew Keel

Inspired by “Deals on Wheels” by Lonnie Scruggs, Andrew Keel started with a single mobile home unit, before being able to acquire his first mobile home park. He started with little money and built his portfolio over time. He now manages 16 communities across six states. Today, he shared how he acquired his first commercial deal and why he likes investing in the Midwest.


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Key Insights

  • Started buying mobile home units inside of a park – known as “Lonnie deals”
  • Sold them on contract to the end buyer - lease to own model for mobile homes
  • Evolved to buying mobile home parks
  • Recessions impact middle management most
  • Mobile homes saw flat to positive growth each quarter during the last recession
  • Built a relationship with seller to acquire the property
  • Spoke to 20 banks and only 2 were serious about financing the loan
  • Tips for your first commercial loan: Be professional, share your plan and find lenders who have an interest in the asset type
  • Raised $2MM for syndication
  • In the Midwest, mobile home parks don’t have the same stigma as in other regions
  • Strong, steady growth in the Midwest without wild swings
  • Criteria: Metros with 50,000 people, 50 lots or more, city water/sewer
  • Launched a coaching program to partner with others and improve deal flow



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5: Where Will You Be Five Years From Now by Kobi Yamadi



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Easier to Raise Private Money for Bigger Deals


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HUD Approval Time for Concrete on New Homes


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Article on Burning Man


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Olde Tyme BBQ in Mountain Home, AR


Prato - Orlando



Deal on Wheels by Lonnie Scruggs 



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Website: KeelTeam.com

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