Real Estate Uncensored - Real Estate Sales & Marketing Training Podcast: Jeff Latham on Mindset and Stepping Up in Leadership

As business owners and real estate professionals, we have the skills to help others during this trying time, but we have to be willing to step up and be leaders. How can we help people during this crisis? What can we do to avoid overextending ourselves? On this episode, CEO and Owner of Latham Realty Unlimited, Jeff Latham, shares how to be leaders in our present reality. 


Takeaways + Tactics 

There are still people looking to buy or sell properties now. As real estate professionals, we have to take the lead and help them navigate the transaction process during the chaos. 


Now is not the time to overextend ourselves. Clear the calendar of all non-essentials so we can focus on the most important parts of our businesses. 


It’s vital we all recognize that our capacities are diminished at the moment. We all have the thought of the current crisis in the back of our minds right now, so instead of trying to continue with business-as-usual, acknowledge that we’re going through a tough time.


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Guest Bio

Jeff Latham is the owner and CEO of Latham Realty Unlimited. With over 14 years experience, Jeff offers his clients a one-stop-shop: from extensive marketing campaigns to in-house moving and construction companies. 


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