How Facebook Ads Generate Leads for Agents w/Zachary Nussbaum

Generating leads is often a tedious and difficult task for real estate agents, and the ways in which we go about doing so have been the same for a long time. What are some unique lead generation techniques we can use? What makes Facebook ads work as a tool to get leads? How is a Facebook ad different to a PPC ad? In this episode, Zachary Nussbaum and Shayne Hiller discuss using Facebook as a lead generation tool for agents.

The front-end offer of a Facebook ad is one of the most vital things to get more low-cost as well as better quality leads. -Zachary Nussbaum

Three Takeaways

The Importance of The offer in a Facebook ad

What you’re offering is the most important part of your Facebook ad. It allows you to get high quality leads at less of a cost. You need to have an appealing deal that your potential lead will find value in.


It’s not about the property, it’s about the deal

It’s important to remember that the leads you generate are a result of them already being in the market, not because of the specific house you’re advertising. This gives you the opportunity to capture leads with a good offer, and it’ll then make it easier to connect with them and eventually convert them.


The difference between Facebook ads and PPC ads

We often think that higher intent leads are more competitive. With Facebook, even though the leads are higher in the funnel, they are not nearly as competitive because you can get in front of a lead before anyone else does. PPC ads will also cost you five times and more than a Facebook ad, and you’ll get less conversions from them.


When it comes to lead generation and conversion, the overarching goal is to provide some kind of value. Facebook ads are an effective way to generate quality, low-cost leads while at the same time providing value through offers. Potential leads have a lot of options, so it is vital to build authentic connections and rapport with them so that you can set yourself apart. Having a script to follow is an essential part of initial relationship building, and once you’re in front of your lead if you continue to develop the relationship and add value, you set yourself up to convert.


Guest Bio 

Zachary Nussbaum is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Braintrust Interactive who works to consistently connect real estate professionals with potential clients. Zachary aims to cut out the need for agents to talk to hundreds of unqualified leads, and has for the past five years helped agents generate, nurture and convert leads. He and his business partner Shayne Hiller spend $100,000 a month on Facebook ads to generate and convert leads for real estate agents. They are experts in lead generation, lead conversion, ISA team building and Facebook ads.

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