How Policy Loans Work with Kristin Colca

On this episode, Kristin Colca. Kristin is a 100 Year Real Estate Investor Team Member who specializes in the Dual Asset Strategy. In addition to obtaining a finance degree, she completes ongoing training to maintain her status as a licensed insurance agent and Bank on Yourself Professional®.

Her passion for helping her clients attain financial freedom has led her to specialize in designing whole life insurance solutions for real estate investors and entrepreneurs. She is able to connect with their ‘outside the box’ thinking around money to create unique solutions that meet their objectives.

Key Insights: 00:00 Introduction 01:06 How Whole Life Policy Loans Work 02:13 Borrowing from your cash value 04:06 What's available to borrow 06:03 Pay back terms 09:30 What sort of items can be self-financed 12:06 How does it all work for a 100-Year Real Estate Investor 14:55 Summing up

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