Sure, You Want to be Successful, But Do You BELIEVE You Can Be? Brian Bogaert On The Importance Of Cultivating a Money Mindset

Many of us talk about wanting to be wealthy, but very few of us are, and most of the time, that comes down to our mindset


Just how much of what we say to ourselves helps make our goals a reality, and how much of it is only hurting us? Could our belief systems be sabotaging our chances of success? 


In this episode, owner, coach, and speaker at Next Level Success Coaching, Brian Bogaert joins us to discuss how to stop getting in our way and cultivate a money mindset. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to start believing abundance is within reach Why are we so resistant to the idea that every single one of us can grow and achieve beyond our wildest dreams? 


  • Why we have to stop thinking in terms of need So many of our goals are tied up in what we ‘need’. What if we started thinking in terms of what we want? 


  • Why traditional understandings of wealth just aren’t sufficient What would our lives look like if we defined wealth according to what it means to us, as individuals?


Guest Bio


Brian Bogaert is the owner, coach and speaker at Next Level Success Coaching. A former ‘corporate guy’, Brian enjoys using the analogy of The Matrix to explain how he got out of the rat race at the age of 37 and went on to not only create financial freedom for himself, but teach others how to do it, too. With his own ‘red pill’ being real estate investing, Brian went from living a good life, making 6-figures, but always feeling somewhat trapped, to creating the life of his dreams, and today, he’s passionate about helping others do the same, no matter what their personal ideas of freedom may be. 


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