Lien into the Industry's Best Kept Secret: Todd Ashton Returns with Mind-Blowing Tax Lien Tips

With so many agents concerned about the inventory shortage in the US, we need to start looking at potential side hustles, and buying tax liens could be the silver lining we need. 


What is a tax lien, and how do we find them, let alone buy them up? What are the unique challenges posed by this area of real estate, and if there are none, why are so few agents jumping at the opportunity?


In this episode, the Founder of Tax Lien Alliance, Todd Ashton returns to go deep on the most mysterious opportunity real estate has to offer. 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • When to get into tax liens Is there a ‘right’ time to start buying tax liens? What are the ideal conditions for this aspect of real estate? 


  • Why tax liens are real estate’s best-kept secret If tax liens are such a great way to make money, why do so few people know about them? Is there a catch?


  • How to get involved in tax liens as a licensed agent Are there any barriers or restrictions agents need to be aware of before diving into tax liens?


Guest Bio


Todd Ashton is the Founder of Tax Lien Alliance. In addition to his extensive experience as a real estate investor, Todd is an internationally celebrated educator, passionate about teaching others how to use tax liens to build passive income streams. With past mentees (and now lifelong friends) including Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, and Dolf DeRoos, it’s safe to say that Todd is an expert in his field. 


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