The Real Estate Business of the Future w/Lisa B

For years, real estate professionals have stuck to the traditional ways of doing business, but considering all the changes we’ve seen in the last year alone, the old model just isn’t feasible anymore.

Gone are the days when being a solo agent and selling homes was enough to bring in a decent income. If we’re aiming to see big results in real estate, we have to shift our approach and get with the times. 

What does the real estate business of the future look like? How can we take full advantage of all the benefits technology and teams have to offer?

In this episode, author, real estate coach and speaker, Lisa B returns to share why she joined eXp and how it's impacted her business.

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 

  • The key difference between teams and going soloAs solo agents, we can motivate ourselves to a certain degree, but it’s not the same as seeing our colleagues excel around us. Having a team helps us see what’s possible, and reminds us that success is within reach.
  • Why we need to leverage the expertise of our peersThere’s no need to reinvent the wheel when we’re already surrounded by people who have been through it all. We have to take advantage of the knowledge around us.
  • How to adapt to the new reality of real estateLeveraging technology does more than make our lives easier (although that is a major bonus!). In the COVID era, being able to communicate with our teams and our clients digitally is non-negotiable, so embrace the platforms that make it possible.


Guest Bio

Lisa B is a Talent Acquisition Specialist at eXp Australia. On top of 3 decades of experience in the business, Lisa is also an established author, having penned Secret Agents, Banish the Bitch and Bring Out the Babe and Real Estate Agents Reveal All, among others. Lisa is passionate about helping others make a name for themselves in the real estate business, and in addition to being a speaker, she is a Master Trainer and Coach.

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