Episode 189 - Small Apartment Brokerage Group gets HUGE results

Get to know these guys. Jon Krebbs and Paul Yazbeck are with The Multifamily Group in Texas. They sell ‘B & C” apartments in north and central Texas. Before creating their own regional brokerage firm, they were top brokers for a national commercial real estate firm. Today they have 9 sales brokers concentrating on apartment listings between $5-15 million. Jon and Paul chat about the state of the apartment market and what they are seeing as opportunities right now. Paul gives some insight on what is happening in Killeen, Texas today. Killeen is near the largest US ARMY base in the world, Fort Hood. Killeen is larger that Waco, Texas and just an hour north of Austin. This could be an area that you will want to explore to buy an apartment. Jon and Paul give you an idea on what buyers need to do to ‘win’ a deal these days. They also discuss where the better rental growth markets are at in Texas and where to invest. https://multifamilygrp.com To contact Jon Krebbs: jon.krebbs@multifamilygrp.com To contact Paul Yazbeck: paul.yazbeck@multifamilygrp.com Are you interested in learning more about how Multifamily Syndications work? Please visit www.spiadvisory.com to learn more about Michael Becker’s Real Estate Syndication business with SPI Advisory LLC.

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