How To Build an Inside Sales Machine in 2021 w/Aaron Rian

The most successful real estate salespeople are prospecting machines who effectively generate leads and convert them into appointments. If we want to grow a business, we have to replicate our prospecting efforts. One of the most powerful ways we can do that is through an ISA. 

A thriving inside sales machine is the key to future growth, and for real estate expansion leader, Aaron Rian, it’s the most profitable piece of marketing and the pinnacle of his business.  

How do we hire and train ISAs who can replicate our prospecting results? How can we turn the skills we gained in previous careers into unique value in real estate? 

In this episode, entrepreneur, real estate expansion leader, bestselling author, and podcast host of Expand, Dominate & Profit, Aaron Rian shares how he runs the ISA model at a high level.


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • The importance of knowing our numbers:

When you run the ISA model, you have to give yourself a cushion to account for the leads that don’t go anywhere. You can expect anything from 25% to 30% of those leads to be cancels, reschedules, and no-shows. Tracking and understanding those percentages can make our results more predictable. 

  • How to train our ISAs for success:

If we want our ISAs to successfully reproduce the results we get on the phone, we have to set expectations from day one and create clarity around the benchmarks they have to reach to have a successful day. When they know what number they need to hit in order to be successful for that day, they can go towards that goal. 

  • How our previous jobs can set us apart in real estate: 

Aaron Rian found a way to bring his past experience of owning a call center into real estate. It allowed him to capitalize on something he knew really well which he leveraged into his real estate career. Many people have background skills in other areas that they are ignoring because they are trying to follow what other people are doing. If we leverage those skills, we can create unique value.


Guest Bio:

Aaron Rian is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, operating principal at The Rian Group Real Estate, and podcast host of Expand, Dominate & Profit. He is one of the most well known and successful real estate agents in the nation. Aaron’s clientele consists mostly of athletes, corporate executives, and high net worth individuals from around the world.

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