Theresa Barnabei Part 1: Finding your Comfort Zone With Prospecting & Business Building

There’s always a new training product, free webinar of eBook that promises to boost our business. The problem is if it’s out of our comfort zone, we just won’t stick with it long enough for it to work. What are the prospecting and lead generation strategies you should always start with? How do we work towards activities that are more out of our comfort zone? What are the 4 things we need to pay attention to in order to build successful, scalable businesses? On this episode, author, speaker and real estate coach Theresa Barnabei shares on creating a successful business on strategies and activities we can do consistently.

Never abandon what you do successfully. It is usually what you’re most comfortable doing. -Theresa Barnabei

Three Things We Learned

How to connect with people as an extrovert

Being an introvert in real estate doesn’t mean we can’t connect with people. We can still be a bit more extroverted when it suits us and our businesses. You can be introverted but still shine in getting people to know, like and trust you.  

How to switch from a selling mindset to a serving on

When people are prospecting and lead generating, they tend to have a mindset block. They think they are selling, and because of that they will struggle to get on the phone and have conversations with people. It’s important to switch the mindset to one of serving.  

The best way to choose a prospecting method

If you want to be successful in business building, figure out what’s in your wheelhouse that you see yourself doing, that you can get excited about. The things you’re comfortable doing will be the easiest to commit to. Then from there, you can stretch yourself into activities that are out of your comfort zone.  


There are 4 things we need to pay attention to in order to build a business that can scale and keep producing results. First, it’s the time we put aside for ourselves and our loved ones, then it’s taking the time to build business through prospecting, executing on the transactions we have, as well as after sale follow up. Prospecting can be a challenge when the required activities feel difficult for us to do. If the activity is not in our comfort zone, we’ll procrastinate, drag our feet and never get it done. Overcome this by focusing on the things you are confident and comfortable doing. Because you’re consistent with it, it will consistently deliver results.

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Guest Bio

Theresa is a real estate business coach, educator, author and speaker. She is the founder of Flight Of Your Life Success Coaching With Theresa, TBConsults and Black Card Service. Go to to get a free copy of Theresa’s book “Multiply Your Business: 10 New Marketing Realities For The Real Estate Industries.”

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