Episode 102 - Buying a Deep Value-Added apartment: Creating a BEAUTIFUL SWAN from the UGLY DUCKLING

Many apartment buyers are seeking to purchase a DEEP VALUE-ADDED property in a good neighborhood. These types of properties can be tough to find. Brian Holley bought a 160 unit apartment complex a few months ago. It needed lots of rehab to create a better product. He and his team will spend over $20,000 a unit in interior and exterior updating and repairs. Even though the occupancy was in the mid-90% range when acquired; Brian and his team, knew they needed to bring the property to the next level to capture better tenants to pay much higher rents. Listen to Brian discuss the challenges and opportunities he found with buying a deep value-added property. To contact: Brian Holley BrianPHolley@gmail.com To contact: Jonathan Ferrell JFerrell@OldCapitalLending.com To receive our FREE 15 page WHITE PAPER REPORT on the 2017 FUNDAMENTALS OF MULTIFAMILY FINANCING 101 and to learn more about upcoming events at Old Capital Speaker Series please visit us at OldCapitalPodcast.com Are you interested in learning more about how Multifamily Syndications work? Please visit www.spiadvisory.com to learn about Michael's Real Estate Syndication business with SPI Advisory LLC.

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