The MicroFamous Agent w/Zach Hammer

To become ‘MicroFamous’, we have to build exceptionally strong rapport with a relatively small group of people. How can we build effective connections, and what value can we offer business owners in our communities? Do we need to create viral content to capture attention? In honor of Matt Johnson’s book launch, Zach Hammer joins us to discuss how to become MicroFamous in the real estate space. 


Takeaways + Tactics 

Reach out to local business owners, build relationships with them and find out what value they’re looking for. It’s not a great connection until we know who they are and what they need.


Once we know what the people in our network need, we can introduce them to each other behind the scenes. Strategic introductions like these help build rapport in the community.


Don’t aim to create viral content. Being MicroFamous is about being exceptionally well known to a relatively small, but strategic audience, so focus on offering them valuable content.

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