How to Maximize Your Freedom and Personal Growth w/Justin Zimmerman

The path to happiness and success is full of mental traps that our minds put us in. We create all these reasons why we can’t do something based on uncertainty or ease, especially when we are starting out. How does facing adversity help us minimize excuses? What mindset should we have when making commitments to ourselves? How can we train ourselves to consistently spend time working on our personal goals? In this episode, Justin Zimmerman talks about personal growth and development, and how building rituals and routines into our lives can help us grow in the way we want to be growing.

Everything starts with how strong and serious your internal commitment to yourself and to your goals is. -Matt Johnson

Takeaways + Tactics

When we face enough adversity and overcome it, the voices in our heads that tell us we can’t do something become insignificant and the excuses we used to make for ourselves become irrelevant.


We often don’t honor the commitments we make to ourselves in the same way we honor those with others. Once we make a commitment to ourselves, we need to honor it and get over our excuses.


When we have a dedicated time every day for doing what we need to do to reach our personal goals, we are training ourselves to do it automatically. Our excuses for not spending time working towards our goals fall away because it’s pre-negotiated.


The commitments we make to ourselves are just as important as the ones we make to others, yet we seem honor them less. These commitments, and the fulfillment of them, play a big role in our sense of self and our confidence. We need to get past the excuses and negotiations we have with ourselves about taking the steps to reach our personal goals by making sure that we have a dedicated time blocked off every day to work on these goals. Once we have built this into our schedule, the excuses we used to make fall away because taking that action becomes automatic and something that we have pre-negotiated. 

Guest Bio

Justin Zimmerman is the Director of Content Development at REDX, a SaaS-based software company that helps real estate agents develop sustainable businesses. REDX provides the highest quality lead data for prospecting and empowers agents with the best practices for acquiring new clients. Justin runs a content team that teaches real estate agents to build successful and predictable businesses and he loves that the sole purpose of his work is to educate and enrich people's lives. He has built a content creation system, and a team around this system, to relentlessly discover their audience's needs and the solutions to those needs. Justin and his team understand what blogs, videos, social media, and webinars they need to create to best help agents, and that's why thousands of agents trust REDX to help them get smarter, faster, richer, and most importantly, confident. 

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