How to Create Multiple Income Streams w/Matthew Clawson

Having multiple income streams is the best way to create freedom for ourselves. We can create those streams by getting involved in the development process. How can we start building relationships with builders and developers, and what kind of value can we offer them? What should we be avoiding if we want to build successful relationships? On this episode, real estate and home building expert, Matthew Clawson, shares how to forge successful relationships with builders and developers. 


Takeaways + Tactics 

Go out and approach builders and developers. Even if there’s nothing we can help them with now, at the very least, we can start building relationships with them. 

Provide value by creating edited videos of developments and sharing them with the developer. Offer to do more videos in the future, once a partnership is established.

Avoid wasting a builder or developer’s time by sharing deals they already know about. Time-wasting is the easiest way to frustrate a builder.

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