Multifamily is a Business with Tamar Mar

Tamar Mar is an entrepreneur, investor, and proponent of intentional lifestyle design. With nearly 20 years under her belt working in the start-up and small business arena, Tamar took the plunge to both launch her own businesses - and invest in others. She often says that she is the "CEO of her Dreams," and consistently focuses on ways to maximize business opportunities and generate enough passive income to be financially free and curate the lifestyle she and her family desires.

With her company, The Marota Group, her recent work has focused on the acquisition of underperforming multi-family and commercial properties, where she can work with her team to stabilize the assets and accelerate returns for her investors.

A mom to three elementary-aged children, including twins, Tamar finds joy in participating in programs that enhance education and cultivate thriving communities.

She talks with us about her first few deals, habits of success and never retiring.


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