Index Universal Life (IUL) vs. Specially-Designed Whole Life

In this episode, Jake and Gino talk with John Shedenhelm, a 100 Year REI Professional. John is the CEO of Eagle Financial Solutions and has been in financial services for over 30 years. He co-authored ‚ÄėThe Secret to Lifetime Financial Security‚Äô with Pamela Yellen, who founded Bank On Yourself. John, Jake and Gino discuss the benefits of a specially-designed Whole Life Policy versus an Index Universal Life Policy as it pertains to Real Estate Investing and the Dual Asset Strategy.

Only a specially-designed Whole Life Policy can guarantee the following*, where an IUL cannot:

  • ¬†Whole Life Policies have more flexibility with contribution or premium paying options than an IUL. The full IUL premium must¬†be paid¬†every year.
  • Our specially-designed¬†Whole Life Policies can provide greater liquidity than IULs, especially early on. This is very important to real estate investors.¬† ‚Äʬ†¬†IUL illustrations show rosy linear positive returns, for¬†example, 6% every single year without any down years. Have you ever known Wall¬†Street to really work that way? For this reason, you have no ability of knowing¬†how much cash value will be available for your real estate¬†investing reserves. ‚Äʬ†¬†Your specially-designed Whole Life Policy has stronger guarantees and¬†is a safer cash management tool for your CapX or ‚Äúrainy day‚ÄĚ funds than betting¬†on the performance of an IUL. ‚Äʬ†¬†With an IUL, the insurance¬†company has all of the control over the rules. The provisions for returns,¬†premiums, cap rates, costs and fees can all be changed at their discretion.¬†Would you play a game with someone who can change the rules to their benefit,¬†at any time? ‚ÄĘ Who is really in control of your asset? You or the¬†insurance company? With our specially-designed Whole Life Policies, you know¬†the rules¬†of the game. Your cost of insurance is level throughout the life of your¬†policy. You know the minimum amount of cash value in your future¬†at all times. Hear the full podcast to learn more.

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* All guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of the insurer. Excess policy loans can result in termination of a policy. A policy that lapses or is surrendered can potentially result in tax consequences.


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