The Process To Quitting Your Job Through Apartment Investing With Michael Blank

In this podcast Michael lays out a clear roadmap on the best ways to start investing in apartments. He does a great job on discussing how long it should take to escape the 9-5. Michael's goal is to shorten the learning curve for his students. His sample deal package is a great resource to help beginners establish their credibility and he discusses how to use this resource. One of the key takeaways from the interview was that you can't quit in the begging of your investing career because the goal of apartment investing should be a 3-5 year retirement plan. This means that it may take you 2 years to get your first deal done (it took us 2 years). After our first deal was completed we purchased 172 units within the 12 months. Many investors are comfortable enough to retire from their day jobs after they own 100-150 units. In this episode you will discover: • Why your first deal is the most important • The steps to acquiring your first apartment complex • Why Michael pivoted away from flipping to apartments • Raising money • Syndication • Goals • The process to retirement after you complete your first deal • What to watch our for when investing in the north east • Deal flow And much more! SHOW NOTES:

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