How to Use LinkedIn to Connect With the Right People and Grow Your Business w/Tracy Enos

When it comes to the business environment, LinkedIn is king. How can we leverage a social media platform flooded by people looking for business? How can we make sure our efforts reach the right people? And what should our profile look like if we want to attract more clients and get more referrals? In this episode, LinkedIn expert, Tracy Enos is back to share more about making strategic connections using LinkedIn.

At the end of the day, they want to find out what’s in it for them. How can you solve their problem? -Tracy Enos

Three Things We Learned

Create an avatar of your ideal client

Before you start any activity on LinkedIn, find out who your ideal client is and what their psychographics are. Also, think about what you want to achieve on the platform. This is how you can achieve trust as well. Once you know who you’re targeting, it’s easier to deliver a good customer experience.

Build a client-centric profile

Our profile should be client-centric. Everything we write shouldn’t just be descriptive of our experience but it should also provide clues about how we can help others and what problems we can solve. This tactic also works as a differentiator because even though many people have our skills and experience, what the client wants to know is whether we can help them solve their problems.

Don’t invest your time in LinkedIn groups

Linkedin is planning a comeback for its groups, but you’re more likely to have more engagement on Facebook groups. At least for the time being, the groups on Linkedin don’t look too promising.


Because you don’t own the platform, your ultimate goal should be using your content to take the connections you make on the platform off the platform. This way, you have more control over what type of content the people you target see and when they see it. But in order to make your connections interested enough to click on your links and reach them outside of the platform, you must have a deep understanding of their needs and desires. Otherwise, your call to action won’t be strong enough.

Guest Bio

Tracy Enos has over 19 years of experience in sales, marketing, LinkedIn consulting, lead generation, real estate, and mortgage origination.

She is a keynote speaker for organizations and a consultant for entrepreneurs and sales teams that want to grow their customer base using LinkedIn.

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