Transparency and How to Manage Conflict in Business Relationships w/ Kim Ades

Our thinking controls our destiny. What happens when our believes don’t benefit us? How do we uncover the flaws in our thinking that prevent us from being the best versions of ourselves? Why does lack of transparency lead to a stressful life? In this episode, Kim Ades speaks about uncovering your beliefs and why we shouldn’t be afraid to reveal our true selves.

A lot of people aren’t transparent because they are trying to manage other people’s impression of them. -Kim Ades

Three Things We Learned

Build a team that doesn’t need micromanaging

Accountability is a hot topic, especially for team leaders. But keeping people accountable implies they can’t keep themselves accountable. Instead of investing time and money constantly keeping an eye on your team, why not go to the root of the problem and find out what prevents them from taking action? What are the beliefs that stay in the way of being productive?

Affirmations can actually backfire if we don't address the little voice in our head that doesn't believe them

Positive affirmations hold no power if in the back of your mind you don’t actually believe the things you tell yourself. You have to be able to let go of your inner critic and truly believe you can succeed.

Use journaling to get to the source of the beliefs that hold you back

Journaling can help you find out what people or events made you feel the way you feel about yourself and the world around you. Toxic people or traumatic events can distort your perception of who you are and what you are capable of, and getting to the bottom of the beliefs that rule your thinking can help you reach your true potential.

Lack of transparency never works to your advantage. It will attract the people you don’t want to work with and there will always be pressure to keep up with the persona you build for yourself. You have to accept that some people will dislike you and the fact that you can’t manage the impressions of everyone else, nor can you rely on external validation to keep yourself happy and confident.

Guest Bio

Kim Ades is the founder of Frame of Mind Coaching and Journal Engine software as well as a speaker, author, and mother of five. Kim coaches teams and individuals to unveil their thought patterns and hidden beliefs, and unleash their true potential by gaining a better understanding of who they are and where their talents lay.

If you want to find out what beliefs are holding you back from succeeding, you can take her free test here.

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