How to Build Relationships that Take Your Business to New Levels

In the real estate industry, building relationships is crucial for success. How can we build rapport with our clients? What can we do to assemble a great database of people to bond with in the first place? On this episode, we discuss why relationships are vital in real estate, and how to go about building them. 

You have to be as visible as possible in your community. -Greg McDaniel

Takeaways + Tactics 

  1. Be authentic and transparent about who you are. People do business with agents who are true to themselves. 
  2. Stop trying to sell- focus on building genuine relationships and having real conversations with clients.
  3. To build a bigger database, give your business card to 25 people everyday, for 4 months.

Real estate is a people’s business, so it’s vital we connect with as many people as possible. While it can be anxiety-inducing at first, if we commit to meeting as many people as we can, we stand ourselves in good stead to build great relationships that benefit our businesses. Remember to be authentic in all dealings, and focus on conversation and transparency, rather than sales. By building rapport with clients, we can make sales without a pitch.

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