How to Take Your Lead Conversion to the Next Level

In a perfect world, every lead would become a client. However, we know it takes a lot more than wishful thinking to generate and convert leads. We can often feel like we’re on a hamster wheel trying to figure out just how to turn awareness into action.


How can you effectively turn prospects into leads and leads into clients? And what kind of strategies work best to stand out online when every agent is trying to do the same? 


In this marketing roundtable episode, real estate coach and internet marketer, Dean Jackson, shares how agents can implement direct response marketing strategies to get more clients and get the results they’ve been looking for.


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How to apply modern marketing methods to basic business fundamentals While direct response marketing has changed immensely over the years, the fundamentals of the real estate business have remained the same. We still have to generate leads, get appointments, turn appointments into contracts, contracts into closings, and closings into referrals. Nowadays, we can use online strategies to reach our objective of targeting leads and getting them into a contract. 


  • Why you don’t need to be all things to all people Segmenting our target audience of buyers helps us save time, money and stress, and refocus our energy to appeal to them specifically instead of everyone.


  • How you can build an outstanding business by collaborating with others You don’t need to struggle as a one-man band to be a successful agent. You can build a collaboration machine behind you to fit your unique ability, so you can put your energy into the components of the real estate business you love the most.


Guest Bio


Dean Jackson is a real estate coach and internet marketer who has spent over 30 years applying his marketing expertise to the real estate business. He is the founder of GoGoAgent and host of I Love Marketing, Listing Agent Lifestyle, and Welcome to Cloudlandia. Dean focuses on a lifestyle-centered approach to business using marketing as the ultimate lever to a life of freedom and fun.


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