Becoming MicroFamous in Our Markets w/Glenn Twiddle

If we go looking for our ideal client, but don’t create the environment that attracts and keeps them, we have no one to blame but ourselves. To become ‘Tom Cruise famous’ to the right people, we have to create the ideal client in our minds and speak directly to them.


To be MicroFamous in our markets, we have to find ways to differentiate ourselves, while staying authentic to who we are. It’s not enough to have our names known, we have to be recognized for what sets us apart.


How can we attract and keep our ideal clients, long after our first transaction with them? What information do we need to share with the world to build a MicroFamous persona?


In this episode, Australia’s #1 millionaire real estate coach, Glenn Twiddle returns to the show to discuss how to get MicroFamous.


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


Exude the right energy

Becoming MicroFamous doesn’t happen overnight; we have to consistently put the right energy into the world. Give without expecting anything in return. We never know who is talking about the good deeds we do or value we offer; ultimately, it will come back to us.


Be authentic

Consumers can tell when agents are being caring because they want something in return. If we aren’t personally interested in forming deeply emotional attachments with our community, that’s fine; we just need to find something else to hang our hats on. 


Don’t over-share

While we may think being authentic requires us to share every part of ourselves, that’s not the case. Remember that our ideal clients want to get to know who we are and what we stand for in the shortest time possible. Don’t share anything unrelated to the ideal client; over-sharing actually does them a disservice. 



Guest Bio

Glenn Twiddle is Australia’s #1 millionaire real estate coach. Glenn teaches agents a ‘step-by-step, fill in the blanks’ system for becoming the top real estate agent in their area in 3 years or less. He is also the CEO of Total Success Summit, a premiere event for marketing, sales, motivation, business and Total Success in Australia. 


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Books mentioned on this episode:

Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World by Gary Vaynerchuck

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