The Future of Real Estate Search Traffic: How to Crush It in Paid Lead Generation w/John Doherty

Our marketing makes all the difference to our results, but most agents are still going so, so wrong. The question is, how can we get it right?


How can we shake up what we think we know about marketing and paid lead gen so we can start seeing better outcomes and higher incomes? Is there merit in old school strategies, or are they only holding us back?


In this episode, Founder of Credo and online marketing expert, John Doherty shares the approach we should be taking. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • How much we should be spending on marketing Are we taking more of a risk by over-investing or under-investing in our marketing? 


  • Which marketing platforms to use Should we have a presence on every platform available to us, or is it smarter to stick with one or two? 


  • Why we need to re-think where our marketing teams are based Is it really necessary to have locally-based marketing teams, or can we cast the net further afield?


Guest Bio

John Doherty is the Founder of Credo, a platform dedicated to connecting companies with the best digital marketing providers for their needs. Having spent a decade in the industry, across agencies and inhouse at Zillow Group, John is a digital marketing expert, passionate about helping others take full advantage of everything the online space has to offer. 

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