Use Old School Prospecting to ROCK Expired Listings in 2021 w/Shawn Richardson

Having an online presence is important in 2021, but in building a social media following, many agents have begun to overlook more old-school methods, and that could be a massive mistake - especially when it comes to expired listings.


Cold calling and other traditional styles of prospecting may have lost some appeal, but they haven’t lost their effectiveness. When dealing with expireds, they might just be the best way forward.


How can we get better at reaching out to sellers who have had to take their homes off the market? Can we turn expireds into a goldmine with a phone call?


In this episode, the CEO of Edge Property Group, Shawn Richardson shares how to make the most of expireds with old-school prospecting. 

Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • The importance of being upfront People know when we have an ulterior motive, so we have to come from a place of service. Whether we’re dealing with expireds or brand new listings, aim to provide value and build solid relationships before doing anything else. 


  • How to approach a newly expired lead When a home is taken off the MLS, that’s our cue to reach out to the sellers and let them know we have an idea of where their previous agents went wrong. From there, we can start strategizing on a way to help them move forward. 


  • The keyword we have to use in cold calls Mentioning that we’re specialists in our fields is a simple step, and it might not seem like a big deal to us, but it’s what gets our leads to listen. We’re industry experts, and it’s time to let our markets know it!


Guest Bio


Shawn Richardson is the Broker and CEO of Edge Property Group in Salem, Oregon. Passionate about helping his clients find the best solution for their needs, Shawn is a jack-of-all-trades in real estate. He is also a specialist in expired listings and prides himself on a 100% success rate with properties others have had difficulty selling. 


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