Invest Four More with Mark Ferguson, Scale Your Real Estate Business For Financial Freedom

So, you want to invest in real estate? But where do you start? Today’s guest started as a realtor and now does it all. He is a flipper, buy and hold investor, and a realtor. Mark Ferguson got into the business through his dad and now he and his team fix and flip 10-15 homes per year, he owns 15 long-term rentals, and they have sold hundreds of single-family residents. What must YOU do to get there? Mark shares his experience and how he scaled his business. He shares how he’s stopped doing the things he hates to focus on the work that he’s good at. If you’re looking for true real estate diversification, this episode is for you. In this episode you will discover: • How to scale your business. • Exactly how Mark achieved financial freedom. • How failure is the best teacher. • How to stop doing what you hate. • The value of a great team. • The power of a great market. • The power of positive attitude. • How the truly successful structure their time. • The effect of quality over quantity. • Continuous education. • How to stay grounded when success finally shows up. • Time leverage. • Life after financial freedom and much more!

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