Real Estate Uncensored - Real Estate Sales & Marketing Training Podcast: How to Build a Better (Not Bigger) Team w/Lee Barrison

A lot of team leaders think that a bigger team means better results, but that’s not always the case. Why should team leaders be less concerned with having big teams? Is there any room to give unproductive agents a second chance? Why is it important for business owners and team leaders to show their teams that they care? On this episode, broker at Infinity Real Estate Services Bakersfield and host of the Be Better podcast, Lee Barrison, shares how to build a team that’s better, not bigger. 


Takeaways + Tactics 

A bigger team often sounds impressive, but we should be more concerned with having a productive team. 

Unproductive agents should be dismissed, but not without having an opportunity to prove themselves. Put them through a 90 day process to see if they’re able to be more productive. 

Good leadership requires care. Start thinking of the deals and money we make with our teams as a by-product of great personal relationships.

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