It's Time to Think BIGGER! How to Become The Go-To Agent For International Buyers Looking At Your Market w/Janet Choynowski

About 10% of the real estate across the USA is owned by international buyers, but most agents still aren’t aiming their marketing at a global audience, and as a result, they’re leaving a TON of money on the table. 


How can real estate pros start thinking beyond their immediate markets and stand out to buyers all over the world? What would it take to be considered a world class agent in the truest sense of the word?


In this episode, Founder and CEO of Immobel Group, Janet Choynowski shares how to gain recognition across the globe. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • 1 thing that attracts international buyers to the US

What is it that makes property ownership in the USA so appealing to an international market? 


  • How to show up in international searches for Stateside agents

What can we do to ensure we appear in the first page of results when international buyers search for an agent in our markets? 


  • The importance of showing openness to international buyers

How can we show international clients that we’re not only available to do business with them, but are willing to assist them in any way they need?


Guest Bio


Janet Choynowski is the Founder and CEO of Immobel Group, a platform aimed at making real estate global. Janet has a rich background in international real estate transactions, having founded the first real estate brokerage in Poland after the fall of communism. Janet has also previously negotiated for Embassy land in Warsaw on behalf of both the Japanese and The Netherlands governments. 


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