These Marketing Activities Brought Us The Most Business Last Year, and They'll Work for You in 2022, Too!

We saw a lot of interesting changes in real estate last year, and as a result, many agents were forced to adapt to stay in the business. The question is, as we head into a new year, which of those adaptations worked?


Which marketing strategies should we be taking into 2022 with us? Is there anything we should be leaving behind? 


What do industry newbies need to know as they begin their journeys in real estate?


In this episode, we’re diving deep on what worked best in 2021, so we can create our game plans for the year ahead. 


"Think of yourself as a media company first and foremost: you just happen to sell real estate." -Nick Sakkis


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • The art of personal branding How can we make ourselves so attractive that clients come to us, rather than the other way around?


  • 1 way to boost authority as beginners Is it possible to boost our credibility when we’re just starting out? 


  • Where to strike the balance between learning and doing How can we continue to develop our knowledge while taking practical steps towards our goals? 

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