Stop Trying to Do It All On Your Own and Start Leveraging- You'll Save Time AND Money w/Brindley Tucker

We all have the same number of hours in a day, but how we choose to spend that time makes all the difference, and that’s what makes leverage so important.


Are we making the most of every moment, or could we be delegating some of our tasks? How do we even know which activities are worth the time splurge, and which are draining our batteries?


In this episode, owner of Your Realty Leverage, Inc, Brindley Tucker returns to the show to do a deep live on delegation. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • What needs to be leveraged Which of our tasks require our attention, specifically? Could any of the things we’re doing on a regular basis be handled just as efficiently by someone else?


  • How to calculate what our time is worth Is there a surefire way to work out our current hourly rate?


  • How our egos stop us from maximizing our time Could we be standing in our own way and stopping ourselves from handing off the tasks we don’t need to do?


Guest Bio


Brindley Tucker is the owner of Your Realty Leverage, Inc. Passionate about helping develop leaders by leveraging the service of others, Brindley and her team recruit, train and coach assistants, operations managers, transaction coordinators and real estate agents, all to help their clients delegate all the tasks that aren’t making them money.


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