Get Off the Struggle Bus! Justin Zimmerman Shares The 1000 Day Commitment That Changed His Life

As entrepreneurs, most of us have experience with the ‘struggle bus’: the vehicle that keeps us in a loop of pain, depression, and anxiety. The question is, how can we quit buying a ticket?


What routines can help us move forward positively, so external events stop taking us down the rabbit hole to poor mental health? How do we muster up what it takes to stay consistent with those constructive habits?


In this episode, Director of Marketing Operations at Salesmsg, Justin Zimmerman shares how his commitment to run every day for 1000 days got him off his struggle bus. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode 


  • The power of building a winning STREAK How can we set ourselves up to succeed every single day, so the positive routines we cultivate become part of our identity? 


  • How to take ownership of our self-care What can we do to heal ourselves when aches, pains, or poor mental health arise? 


  • How to get better at coaching ourselves to consistency For most of us, telling ourselves to be consistent just isn’t enough. What should we do instead?


Guest Bio


Justin Zimmerman is the Director of Marketing Operations at Salesmsg. Passionate about educating and enriching other people’s lives, Justin creates SaaS partnerships that build brand awareness and drive sales through agile content creation. 

On a personal level, Justin has dedicated himself to a 1000+ day running streak to improve his mental health and show up as the best version of himself, every single day. 


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