WBP - Agency Debt with Nick Chapman

Nick spent 15 years in the lending side of banking. Originally focusing on residential mortgages but as a result of the financial collapse in 2008, he transitioned to business banking and was recruited to work for one of the largest privately held lenders in the country. Shortly after being introduced to Jake and Gino through some mutual friends in real estate, Rand Capital was created as part of the Jake and Gino family of companies. Nick’s goal is to serve our community of students with education about the different lending options available in the market along with providing financing for every deal possible.


He speaks with us about community banks, Fannie & Freddie, yield maintenance and having skin in the game.



The Rundown

Money Mixer - Knoxville Buy Right Bootcamp - Atlanta Education x Action = Results Building Culture Rand Capital Golden Age of Multifamily Financing Mortgage Business Pros When To Call What to Look For Underwriting Document Prep Being Prepared Residential vs Commercial Lending Grey Areas Community Banks Fannie & Freddie Changes in the Mortgage Industry Syndication Skin In the Game Rate Trends Yield Maintenance Term Length Step Down Basis Points Keeping Lenders Honest Moving The Needle Starter Tips Proof of Life Book Recommendations Key Takeaways



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