How to Market to the Rich and Affluent w/ Kelly O’Neil

Most of us want to work with fewer people and target luxury markets. But what makes the targeting process for higher-end leads different? Based on what do the rich and affluent make hires? And what should be our selling proposition? In this episode, Kelly O’Neil talks about how we can attract and retain high-end clients.

Affluent people are more likely to buy services based on relationships. -Kelly O’Neil


Three Things We Learned

Build relationships and authority in your niche

Many people go to marketing and sales courses where they’re told the same strategies. But anything that’s done by a large number of people becomes ineffective because nobody ends up standing out. The rich and affluent usually hire based on referrals or by searching for influencers. They rarely hire people who send cold emails or share their business card.

Immerse yourself in their world

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to hang out in a place where the affluent go. You can take a Bentley for a test drive, or participate in events. The more money someone has, the more selective they get with whom they choose to work with. This translates into actually knowing and liking the people who they hire. And the best way to make the affluent like you is to meet with them face to face.

Sell convenience

The more wealthy you are, the more aware you are of how much your time is worth. Affluent people look for service providers that provide convenience, save time, and make the whole process pain-free and seamless.


When you market yourself to a crowd that has a bigger budget, you have to keep in mind that they expect a top-notch experience, one that not only solves a problem but also solves it in the fastest and most convenient manner. And in order to even be considered as an option, you must either be referred by someone or be recognized as an influencer in your industry. As a result, networking and branding should be your main focuses.

Guest Bio

Kelly O’Neil is the CEO of Innovate Media Services, a brand marketing expert, multi-award winning entrepreneur, and bestselling author.

She was featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Forbes, and many other publications. Currently, she’s working on her latest book that you can pre-order here and receive a free chapter.

You can find out more about her books, courses, and speaking events here.

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