Cutting Edge Tactics to Generate Referrals on Facebook w/Geoff Talbot

We may not be seeing as many people in person anymore, but there’s never been a better time to connect and build relationships. 


Thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, there are more opportunities than ever before to grow our spheres, nurture relationships, and even generate referrals. By employing the right strategies, we can reach out in a way that gets people to know, like, and trust us. 


What content should we be sharing to connect with our audiences on a deeper level, and what should we be avoiding altogether? How can we convert our online relationships into real-life transactions and partnerships?


In this episode, Founder of Your Referral Generator, Geoff Talbot shares how to get better results from our Facebook marketing.


Stay in one place and do something consistently, and you’ll start to build a brand. -Geoff Talbot 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • Why we need to zone in on one platform: We can’t connect on a deeper level with one platform if we’re also trying to maintain a presence on every social media platform. We have to go deep on one channel and stay on it long enough to get results. When we try too hard to be everywhere, we end up going nowhere. 
  • The price of perfection on social media: When we’re too caught up in trying to look perfect, we come across as inauthentic. Our audiences want to see our unguarded, vulnerable moments because they show we’re human. With all the negativity on social media, our moment of realness could be the relief they need from that. 
  • Who we should be connecting with on Facebook: It’s pointless having a sphere of people we don’t know or have nothing in common with. Connect with people who share common interests with us and live in our areas.


Guest Bio


Geoff Talbot is the Founder of Your Referral Partner, an online course geared towards helping agents build their businesses without cold calling, buying expensive ads, or hustling. Geoff is an expert in digital marketing, passionate about getting agents bigger results through social media.


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