How to Stop Making Excuses and Keep Yourself Accountable w/Gene Volpe and Justin Zimmerman

So often, the only thing holding us back from achieving our goals is us. How can we break the cycle of making excuses, and start making good on the promises we make to ourselves? What tactical steps can we take to hold ourselves accountable? On this episode, founder of GVI Media Gene Volpe and REDX Director of Content Development, Justin Zimmerman, explain how we can all stop making excuses. 

Your word is your bond: honor the commitments you make to yourself. -Matt Johnson

Takeaways + Tactics 

  1. We need to honor the commitments we make to ourselves. If we can’t keep promises we make, we can’t expect others to keep their word either.
  2. Train your mind to stay focused on the goal by creating habits.
  3. Say the goal out loud. If those around us know our intentions, they can help keep us accountable.

To achieve our goals, we need to respect and honor the commitments we’ve made. Without making good on our promises, the only people we’re letting down are ourselves. We need to start doing activities habitually and train ourselves until we no longer question them as part of our daily routines. While staying accountable is something we need to do for ourselves, we can also enlist the help of those around us. By simply sharing our goals with others, we add another layer of accountability. 


Guest Bio

Gene Volpe is the lead digital architect at and founder of GVI Media. He is also a speaker and national marketing expert, and a social media and video specialist. On top of his marketing expertise, Gene has extensive experience in the real estate and technology industries.

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Justin Zimmerman is the Director of content development at REDX. He is passionate about educating people and enriching the lives of real estate agents. Justin believes that through education, agents can build confidence and create successful businesses. 

To find out more about Justin, find him on Instagram: @justinzim.personal

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