Ep. 155: How to Convert More Sales with Michelle Weinstein

Before she was The Pitch Queen, Michelle Weinstein spent a decade changing lives one meal at a time but ran almost every aspect of the business. When she decided it was time for a change, she decided to focus only on sales and create The Pitch Queen moniker. Now, she helps business professionals increase their sales through podcasts, social content and high-ticket training. In this episode, she shares key insights to structure your offerings and convert more sales. 


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Key Insights

  • When going Live on Social Media, find ways to quickly stand out
  • Spent a decade helping people change their life one meal at a time
  • Realized she loved making pitches and decided to focus on sales
  • Outsourced all other duties: payroll, editing, etc.
  • Decided she wanted to be known as The Pitch Queen
  • Tesla launched an expensive car that most could not afford
  • Focus on high-ticket sales with fewer clients, but focus on results
  • If you have a large audience, you can focus on lower ticket offers
  • If you call a dentist, they are busy and it’s hard to get an appointment. An oral surgeon is a specialist and can always make time because it’s a higher-priced item
  • Make sure your free content is stuff you would consume
  • One of her clients, David, saw explosive growth by listening and talking about what their clients wanted to talk about
  • Don’t talk about your expertise and tech terms, listen and show how you can help them achieve their goals


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Focus on what I was good at in the business and outsource the rest, even if you don’t think you can afford it

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Connect with Michelle:

Website: sellwithoutsleaze.com


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