Success Principles of Top Prospectors w/Justin Zimmerman & Gene Volpe

Many rental property owners have tenants because they failed to sell the property. But what happens when you run into an investor? Why is it important to start the conversation with questions about why the home didn’t sell? And how many contacts do you need per day to succeed at prospecting? In this episode, we take a tour at REDEX and talk about the success principles of top prospectors.

In the marketing world, what we love doing is building trust with potential customers. -Justin Zimmerman

Three Things We Learned

How you can build trust with rental property owners

Many owners of rental properties wanted to sell but couldn’t and now they have a property and a tenant that they have to manage by themselves. As an agent, you can bring value even if you just help them determine the right price for the rent. When your prospects figure out how little they know about rental properties and how much money they lose by not knowing what to do, they will be more likely to work with you.

How asking questions reveals pain points

Ask questions instead of starting a monologue about how great your services are. When you ask questions, you get to know all of their pain points that you need to overcome. It’s easier to persuade someone when you come up with a specific solution to their problem.

How to flip the script when a rental property owner isn’t looking to sell

Don’t close the conversation if you hear that a rental property owner isn’t looking to sell. If they aren’t looking to sell, it means they’re looking to expand their rental property business, which means they’re always looking to buy.


Top prospectors keep track of their appointments and how many contacts they need to set an appointment. On average, it’s anywhere between 35 to 50 contacts per day, but keep in mind that a contact isn’t just a phone number. A contact is someone you have a meaningful conversation with. If you call a number and the person on the other side doesn’t want to talk with you at all, you shouldn’t count them as a contact.

Guest Bio

Justin Zimmerman is the director of content development at REDX and a content strategist with a background in real estate.

He started off in real estate at 24 and built a software that took local MLS housing data and transformed it into a format easy to understand both by buyers and sellers. This helped him gain a competitive advantage in a profession where the average age was 47.

His software was so successful that he started training other agents to become Certified Market Advisors and went from being a simple agent to managing 51 people.

Today, he uses his real estate and marketing knowledge to help agents create content that eliminates the need for prospecting and builds a strong database.

Gene Volpe is the founder of GVI Media and has over 10 years of experience in real estate marketing. With over 200 transactions under his belt, Gene is known as an authority in his field and is often invited to speak at events. You can find more about Gene at

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