Tuesday Tactical: Productivity and Effectiveness in a Virtual Working World w/Angela Kristen-Taylor

With more people working from home than ever before, those who haven’t adjusted to the new normal struggle with getting into work routines and being productive. It can be incredibly challenging to maintain the same level of productivity and effectiveness without the traditional work structures many people function in. 


Being away from the office doesn’t have to mean sacrificing how well we work, we can still maintain the structures by replicating them in the virtual world. 


How can we perform at the same level virtually as we did in a physical office space, and what tools do we employ? In this episode, integrative productivity expert and CEO/Founder of The Limitless Collaborative, Angela Kristen Taylor joins us. She talks about her new project and how it’s helping people work better virtually. 


Three Things You’ll Learn in This Episode


How our emotions impact our effectiveness 

Productivity is rooted in emotion and how we feel on the inside directly correlates to how we perform on the outside. For many people, the stress of commuting to work is actually internally draining. By removing that, we can reduce stress, improve our emotional state and raise our productivity. 


Ways to replicate the accountability of the office 

If you’re used to showing up in the office where there are specific roles, functions and ways of functioning, it can be hard to have the accountability of showing up to work, or to get in the zone for work. However, it’s not impossible to adjust to a new way of doing things. 


Why virtual doesn’t need to be an inferior working experience 

Working virtually doesn’t have to be a lesser experience or a downgrade. For most people transitioning from a physical office space, the worry is not having the same feeling of support and community. You can still have that support structure virtually by leveraging digital tools. 



Guest Bio

Angela Kristen Taylor is an integrative productivity expert, CEO & Founder of The Limitless Collaborative at Productive Souls, Author, and Speaker. She helps ambitious entrepreneurs and sales professionals overcome chaos so they can create the life and business they want. Visit thelimitlesscollaborative.com for more information.

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