Real Estate Uncensored - Real Estate Sales & Marketing Training Podcast: How to Get Traction & Then Build Momentum w/Spencer Combs

The thing that constantly holds us back from getting better results in business is mindset, and the influence it has on the actions we take. How do we connect the right mindset to the tactics and actions that will move us forward? How do we identify what we’re missing, and how do we implement that piece into our lives? What are the 4 types of agents, and how do you move towards the zone where you are most effective? On this episode, coach, speaker and author, Spencer Combs shares on how to go from victim to champion, he also shares why more real estate training isn't the answer, how to identify victims and why what we don’t do is what holds us back.

Most of us know what we should be doing, we even know how to do it but we won’t take the action, and it’s almost always because of an incongruence in beliefs. -Spencer Combs

Three Takeaways


The 4 Categories Most Agents Fall Into

Unqualified champions are people have the mindset but not the mechanics to get things done. Unqualified victims don’t know the mechanics and don’t have mindset. Qualified victims know the mechanics but have a negative mindset. Qualified champions have the mindset and mechanics so they are able to get into action.


The 2 most dangerous words in the English language

Saying “I know” is very dangerous because it stops us from learning anything or taking the steps to get better and go towards our goals.


The power of clarity and chunking

The first step is getting clear on what it is we want to achieve, and then looking for people who have already achieved it, and starting to break down the chunks of action we need to take to get there.


No matter how much motivation, drive and real estate training we have, if we don’t actually have a detailed and broken down action plan, we won’t be able to grow our business. In order to get to that action plan, clarity is key. We have to find someone to model who is doing exactly what we want to do, and then breaking down the actions that will allow us to do the same. One of the most powerful ways to get traction is to put ourselves into a rhythm of regular planning. Ultimately, when mindset and mechanics are congruent, action will take place.

Guest Bio

Spencer is a Coach, speaker and founder of Spencer Combs Resources. He also serves as Director of Operations for the Jeff Riley team in Columbia, SC. Go to or for more information.

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Real Estate Uncensored - Real Estate Sales & Marketing Training Podcast: How to Get Traction & Then Build Momentum w/Spencer Combs
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