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NYC is currently undergoing its fair share of challenges. Prior to the Covid pandemic, the luxury sector was already experiencing enormous decline, and retail was dropping precipitously as a result of the transition to online merchandising. And then came the Pandemic. As has been demonstrated historically time and time again, buying real estate in NYC during a significant market downturn has proven to be a prudent and profitable investment. Think Crash of 1987, Dotcom bubble of 2000, September 11th, Financial Crisis 2008-09. History has taught us to never ever best against New York City, and now it’s time to place your bets. People ask me daily, “so how is the market in NYC?”. My response is always the same: which market in NYC? Coops, condos, Manhattan, Brooklyn, prewar, postwar, larger buildings, smaller buildings, bedroom count, interior condition, amenities, views, exposure? There is no such thing as a NYC real estate market. NYC comprises thousands of micro-markets, all of which are valued based on a specific set of criteria that cannot be lumped into one general category. To buy in NYC is a decision that greatly benefits from the guidance of a professional with decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge of not only real estate but also of markets in general and basic economic theory. It also requires someone that has personally lived the role of buyer, seller, landlord, tenant and developer, in both good times and bad. This is me. If you are considering selling your apt, we need to concentrate on how best to upsell your property is what is an extremely challenging market. We need to laser focus on the positives inherent to your property and aggressively mitigate as many negatives as possible prior to launching. If you are a buyer, we need to consider only quality real estate and negotiate hard for a significant discount. We need to know which properties will afford a larger upside when things turn around and which properties fall the least when everything goes wrong. At heart, I am a value-based economist, and that is the lens through which I view NYC real estate. I’ve owned, bought and sold dozens of properties over the past 20 years. I’ve developed boutique condominium projects as a sponsor and built a hotel from the ground up. I’ve represented countless other developers on their projects ensuring they build the best possible properties to achieve the highest possible return, and my listings have broken numerous price records over the years. In an easy market, anyone can be successful. In this market, it requires knowledge, expertise, honesty, experience and some good old fashioned street smarts. I’ve lived in NYC since 1992 and am raising 4 children in what I feel is the greatest City in the world. I remain loyal to her in downtimes and celebrate her in boom times. NYC is my home, and I’d love to help you with yours. Yo hablo español con fluidez, et je suis conversationnel en francais.
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