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This is amazing. Here is the video describing the details of the project. In case you were unaware, the Palace Theatre is a historic Broadway landmark that debuted in 1916 as a vaudeville house. It weighs 14 million pounds, is a protected landmark, and was lifted 30 feet above Times Square as part of a recently finished enlargement project to create place for more commercial space.

How a 7,000-Ton Broadway Theater Was Hoisted 30 Feet
The Palace Theater, a home for Broadway shows, was designed by the architectural firm Kirchhoff & Rose in the Beaux-Arts style. It was a crucial part of a $2.5 billion transformation of the building, which will include a 661-room hotel and an outdoor stage facing Times Square when it opens next year. The theater will have a new entrance on West 47th as well as a new lobby. The project will also include a new Lobby, marquee, marquee. ‘I feel. 'I feel like it’s worked like a charm,’ says the engineer on... more
How a 7,000-Ton Broadway Theater Was Hoisted 30 Feet